FlexiKart FK2 Heavy Duty Pallet Trolley

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When you haven’t got a forklift handy, Flexikart steps in as a safe, multi-purpose folding pallet skate. With a 1200kg payload, this super-neat and sturdy trolley is ideal for moving materials around busy construction sites and storing them off the ground throughout.

The unit can comfortably accommodate 1200x1000 pallets. Plus, four folding arms can extend to accommodate longer items, such as boards or ducting. Four swivel castors (two braked) means the unit is easily manoeuvred in any direction, whilst lashing rings ensure you don’t lose your load.

ticks the box for...

  • a multi-purpose, manoeuvrable trolley for moving pallets and materials safely around
  • space-saving, stackable, sturdy and ergonomically friendly unit
  • negates the need for a forklift/pallet truck on site

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